Friday, September 17, 2010

Wave Guoqiang zero household manages / centralized accounting Edition

Zero household manages / Centralized Accounting Edition is a combination of the wave of the country strong practical application of the basic units to public finance theory and the effectiveness of financial theory as a guide to improve financial management efficiency and harmonization of financial for the purpose of maintaining the right to use unit funds and accounting autonomy the right to change the subject, unit no bank accounts and accounting, financial unified management accountants, financial settlement and accounting work, financial accounting services, supervision and management as one of the launch of a new financial accounting management software. This version includes a total accounting process, support management, payroll management, fixed assets, financial analysis, financial budget, total budget, interest-bearing funds, report management and report summary, the General Accounting Query, WEB inquiry 12 modules to complete accounting information centralized accounting, asset management, bank reconciliation, financial accounting and accounting reconciliation for accounting, financial accounting and accounting business accounting automatic transfer of data, budget control, budget analysis, payroll, accounting reports, financial analysis, Project management of a dozen functions.

Zero household manages / centralized accounting version conform to the city, township finance the basic administrative, financial institutions centralized accounting management model to support the financial sector to subordinate the basic units of the financial system requirements and can focus on accounting, centralized processing of funds settlement, centralized management of accounting files, easy to carry out internal audits, control of various grass-roots financial balance, strengthen financial supervision. For the city, township finance to improve the level of financial management to provide a good management tool. In accordance with city and township financial management accounting system characteristics, highlighting functional completeness, reliability and ease of software, software integration, user interface, versatility, reliability, operability, etc. have unique characteristics. Can help city and township development as the economy continued to improve and standardize its business, accounting management, and promote their further economic development.

Zero household manages / centralized accounting of the basic content and method of operation

Zero household manages / centralized accounting of the basic content:

鈼?to funds control center, the unit of "zero" bank account management, that is, units without a bank account;
鈼?and decentralized financial, dismembered financial opposed to sound financial management functions, unity of finance as the basic ideas, the scattered, fragmented centralized government funds into the financial management;
鈼?to benefit the financial-oriented, and strive to accounting, management and supervision costs of the minimum, maximum efficacy;
鈼?to improve the management system, based on the financial sector to provide quality services to the financial and harmonious relationship between government departments, external conditions, to promote the career development goals;
鈼?to support accounting services into the community;
鈼?accounting management tools to modern backing;
鈼?to strengthen the focus on supervision of financial revenue and expenditure.

Zero household manages / centralized accounting methods of operation:

"Zero household manages / centralized accounting" methods of operation mode points can be summarized as "a cancellation, two direct, three focus on four established five organizational system." "1 Cancel", the cancellation of units in a bank account; "two direct", that income directly financial accounts, the financial expenditures from the fiscal accounts in the form of cash or direct debit payment unit; "three focus "Financial capital settlement in concentrated, centralized accounting, centralized accounting records;" 4 a "first, a" General Accounting ", the establishment of management and supervision centers; and second, a" fund accounting " the establishment of capital settlement centers; third, a "unified management accounting", the establishment of the accounting service center; Fourth, a "unit of the cashier," the establishment of financial-treasury. "Five establishment", the establishment of supporting the five management systems.


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