Sunday, October 24, 2010

Teach you quickly learn how to record "unknown error" occurs

Done using the MySQL database site, will surely not know the error occurred, how records show? The following is the specific solution:


/ / Create the error log

function error () (

$ Fp = @ fopen ("error.dat", "a +");

$ Time = date ("Y-m-d H: i: s");

$ Msg = "(VisitedTime: $ time) t

(VisiterIP: $ _SERVER [REMOTE_ADDR]) t

(Errormsg: ". MySQL_error ()."} t

(File :->$_ SERVER [PHP_SELF]) t

(User: $ _SESSION [user])

@ Fputs ($ fp, $ msg);

@ Fclose ($ fp);


I use the above code is a class of error recording.

In your page using the MySQL connection within this call.

The following code directly in your directory set up the error log.

if (MySQL_error ()) (

$ Classname-> error ();



If your error page, the page you are shielded enough as long as they cover, would not disclose the information, and the relative in this directory on the establishment of a

error.dat content (eg.)

(VisitedTime :2002-05-09 14:43:56)


(Errormsg: Duplicate entry '0 'for key 1)

(File: -> / path / path / errorfilename.PHP)

(User: sports98)

This record is definitely for the good of the page.

If you do not include add __LINE__

If you require such proposals to join __LINE__ better help you quickly find the wrong location, to facilitate problem-solving.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Taught you how to DB2 patch

First of all, turning off all the instances of

$ Db2list results and db2inst2 db2inst1

The two were stopped

Install Fixpak

Upgrade examples

$ DB2DIR/instance/db2iupdt

Upgrade DAS instance

$ DB2DIR/instance/dasupdt

Restart the instance of

bind Updated Packages

For each instance of

db2 connect to

db2 BIND $ DB2DIR/bnd / @ db2ubind.lst GRANT PULIC

db2 BIND $ DB2DIR/bnd / @ db2Cli.lst GRANT PULIC

Potential problems

db2start error

Solution: kill all processes associated with this instance,


Run db2iupdt

db2admin start error

Solution: kill all associated with the admin server process


Run dasupdt

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Optional U disk watch "shell" scam

A few years ago also are luxury U disk, now put down his value, consumers increasingly approached. And compared to the traditional three-inch disk, U disk is not only the potbellied, pretend to be under the various "build" a large photo, music, games, also less susceptible to external damage, better data security .

Meanwhile, the small chic look, cool colors, all make the big tolerance gadgets as a young person's new jewelry, and more laid its next-generation storage tools dominance.

How to make this new "hegemony" is practical and obedient? Three-step, to help you create the perfect plan U disk!

Eyes that care "shell" U disk

Xiao Xu lives in dense downtown areas of Shanghai University Northeast films, more often stalls hawking cheap goods to sell Tuizhao Che, which Daorangxiaoxu benefit. One day, Xiao Xu see a students face Tuizhuo Che selling headsets, Repeater, U disk and the like. A random quotations, 64M, U disk even as long as 50! Although not a big brand, but Xiaoxu always wanted this thing U disk, not any number of technical content, so they did not hesitate to buy one. Who would have thought to try to go home only to find, the computer simply undetectable U disk, and then look closely, actually just bought an empty shells!

銆?銆怱mall alarm

How can I spend the least money to the best product? This may be the general topics of interest to consumers. This also made a lot of unscrupulous traders psychological advantage of the loophole. In fact, U disk market is very competitive, many businesses have adopted low-cost competitive strategy. Therefore, consumers can pay more attention to product advertising, through formal channels can, buy cheap affordable U disk.

In addition to pay more attention to store information, a proper understanding of the small number of U disk selection knowledge will help choose a cheap U-disk Oh!

First of all, Mo greedy, buy regular. Most ordinary people the role of U-disk data exchange not only data storage, so do not buy very greedy U-disk, generally between 32M-128M is a practical choice. General case of promotion, better brand of 64 trillion U disk selling for 70 yuan or so, so do not spread the risk to buy a shell on the U disk.

Secondly, the stability of the most important. Do not be so-called carry-Q advertisers advertising push email confused by language, in fact, the most important feature is the U disk data storage, can be stably stored without loss of data, U is the most important criteria for site selection. In fact, most users only use this function.

In second place is the start and hardware encryption. And some of the speculation out of the concept, nothing more than some of the U disk preloaded software, only to achieve specific functions, and of little practical significance. In fact, if you will, can create their own "scores of one" U-disk products.

Finally, to judge by the appearance of quality. U disk enclosure seal, there are two processes. One is fixed with screws, appearance, and there is not a good sealing; the other is the use of ultrasound technology package, high sealing, packaging and long service life out of U disk, but using this package on the plant and equipment and demanding process, the general small factories can not be achieved. Therefore, in general, U-disk sealed packaging and quality in the process will be more secure Oh!

Beware of tight to prevent leakage of the virus

Xiaodong usually like to surf the Internet side of the picture downloaded to the U side dish, but this month he found home broadband charges as high as 200 yuan, but his time spent online is absolutely no more than 80 hours, according to regulations due only 100 ah! After "the census", Xiaodong found himself broadband user name and password was cracked, and the culprit is the U disk dyed a strange virus.

In fact, Xiaodong have to feel badly: When using U disk, not only the message window will appear inexplicable, "the school I eat enough food, snack tray is garbage !!!", U heart will automatically generate a file while running this file will be a "program damaged, can not run" warning - can not think of this is the legendary Trojan!

銆?銆怱mall alarm

Xiaodong infection is quite popular recently, "e-album" (Win32.Troj.cimspark) virus, in fact the deleted method is simple. Experts, they do not run the program, the computer will not be infected with the virus. First, remove by hand. First of all, the system directory windows \ system32 under search SVCHOST.EXE file, if found red "heart" file, the first in Task Manager to end its process, and then delete the file. Second, anti-virus tools, such as PC omnipotent wizard, Duba Trojans only kill the virus can be cleared.

In fact, the use of U disk if there are good habits to avoid infection. When the Internet is best not to use U disk. As this would increase the infection probability of a virus or Trojan horse programs, and if the Internet must use flash drives to read data is the best write-protect switch to open it. Once your U disk speed is too slow or has an unknown file there, I remember first went to a professional drug test online antivirus antivirus website, do not rashly run that virus file, to avoid unnecessary losses suffered.

Through the use of errors across minefields

Millet, U disk, though not to buy any big-name goods, but also regular factory product. For some reason, less than half a year with millet, it appears the data loss, running too slow and so on. Insert the USB interface, sometimes, to try several times to be identified. U can look at other people's plate is not a big shipment, with more than a year are still fast. In the end how the back thing?

銆?銆怱mall alarm

In fact, tools, must find the know-how. Down the temper of these tools will not only more you use the more smoothly, but also reduce their losses. U disk in the process of using the same, a lot of misunderstanding, seems a small thing, but in use it will affect the efficiency of the process.

Take the U disk speed is too slow, if excluded, computer virus and quality of U disk itself, probably because when using the flash drive does not open the system, "write cache opened" this feature. Opened, write caching is: in Win98, WinMe may be by right-clicking "My Computer", select "Properties 鈫?Properties 鈫?File System 鈫?removable disk" enabled "after the write cache" dialog box before the tick ; in under WinXP can open the "My Computer", right-click the removable disk, select "Properties 鈫?Hardware" and then select the flash disk drive is located, click the "Properties 鈫?Strategy", select "for the performance Optimization ... ... "dialog box, and click OK.

Similarly, the usually careful attention in the use and maintenance, are also important. For example, never in the flash of light when the flash was quickly pulled out flash drives, because then U disk is reading or writing data, pull out halfway may cause hardware damage to the data. Also, do not shut down immediately after the backup documentation related to the procedure, because at that time on the U drive is still flashing light, indicating procedures have not completely ended, then unplug the U disk, it is easy to affect the backup. So, back to the flash file, it should be some time to close the related procedures to prevent accidents; the same token, the system prompts "can not stop" Do not pull out when U disk, it will also cause data loss.

In addition, attention will be placed in the U disk dry environment, do not let U disk interface prolonged exposure to air, otherwise easily lead to the surface of metal oxide, reduced interface to sensitivity. At the same time, do not need a long time has been inserted in the U-disk USB interface, or interfaces while easily lead to aging, the other on the U drive is also a loss.



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