Monday, September 27, 2010

Flying Milky Way God seven air

Beijing on September 25 evening 21:10:04 China's third self-developed Shenzhou VII manned spacecraft, the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center manned space launch from the "Long II F" carrier rocket successfully launched !

Before and after the successful launch of Shenzhou VII, Tianhe company's employees continue to receive the congratulations message aerospace customers and phone: "Congratulations to Tianhe company contribution to China's aerospace industry, to be able to use the Tianhe Software are honored and proud." Milky Way's main leadership, staff, customer representatives have also published comments:

Beijing Satellite Manufacturing Factory vice president of customer representatives Lin General:

Our factory is mainly responsible for the main structure of Shenzhou VII capsule, the main structure of the orbital module, attached to the main cabin structure, and the astronauts seat, "God seven" astronauts of concern to the cable, etc. cover the whole spacecraft's pipeline system . The aerospace industry can contribute to the motherland, we are very excited and proud.

Partners on behalf of papers published in:

Thank Tianhe company can give me a good development platform, no Milky Way company, I will not and aerospace industry lasting bonds of the successful launch of Shenzhou VII I am very excited, I can, through their own efforts to contribute to the motherland's space industry, In the future, I will continue to work for the Milky Way, for the aerospace industry and work hard!

Marketing Centre, Tianhe District Director Hu Zhenshan Congress:

When the successful launch of Shenzhou VII a an instant, my mood is really very excited and proud. Tianhe company as a sales staff, we serve clients in all industries, aerospace is a very important part. We are attracted to each customer to input: not only concerned about the project itself, are more concerned about the development of enterprises, we sell not only software products, more importantly, through our efficient services to make these products truly converted to the value.

Chen Jian Tian R & D Center on behalf of:

Shenzhou VII of the successful visit to the universe, as the Chinese was very pleased!

As a state-owned manufacturing industry information software designers in one, I hope to develop better software products continue to improve the comprehensive strength of China's manufacturing industry!

Hope for the future of aerospace engineering (the moon, space stations, interplanetary exploration ... ...) to make its own contribution!

Tian Lan, general manager of Charming:

Successful launch of Shenzhou VII, China's astronauts will complete a major historic breakthrough - to achieve space walk! Space is no longer the United States and Russia exclusive space, something that makes all Chinese feel proud of the initiative! This is our country Three years of reform and opening up a microcosm of significant achievements, but also generations who have fought the crystallization of space!

Aerospace industry is the Milky Way's key industries the company services, 10 years, the Milky Way for the aerospace industry the company has made a unique contribution.

Space brave fighting spirit, innovative spirit, dedication will inspire people to create progressive, Tianhe, Tianhe company to achieve leap development!

Deputy General Manager Tian Xiao-Feng Wu:


Zhai Zhigang congratulations!

Congratulations to China's space industry!

Also like to congratulate the: I and Zhai Zhigang is Longjiang County, although I did not become astronauts, but I and the Milky Way in China's aerospace cause people made great contributions to the design institutes and aerospace enterprises, are using the Milky Way CAD software, manufacturing Shenzhou VII rocket and the spacecraft are most aerospace companies use our Milky Way's CAPP process design and management software ah!

Specific, see: Tianhe Software help national prosperity and rejuvenation


Last night while watching the astronauts for entrance and take off their edge irrepressible excitement, and all friends text messages to communicate, tell them I was Zhai Zhigang's fellow ah, but also to inform them of Tianhe Software for the aerospace industry has made tremendous contributions to ! include:

The leaders of Longjiang County home

County Party Secretary Zhang told me that Zhai Zhigang has been the heroes of the family arrangements, and the county are celebrating more than 70 media here reported. Today saw the Sohu News reported:

Zhai Zhigang (map)

Place in Longjiang Longjiang County, painting, dragon, Yangko other celebrations, but also ad hoc Zhai Zhigang home, school and 54 primary schools in Longjiang two of three venues for folks to watch live.

Science head with candles

Tianhe Software User's leading friends

Nanyang Explosion-proof Motor Group White always said, the rocket and spaceship Shenzhou VII production in many factories, which all use their motor.

Shenyang Transformer TBEA Hanzhu Ren said that they produce ah.

Heavy stone factory director said the rocket launcher is too much production.

Harbin Boiler Factory single director, said the county were not Longjiang County General ah.

... ...

Family and friends

Of course, I also congratulate the matter, as we can for the space Tianhe Software is pleased to contribute to Albert.

Longjiang Description:

Longjiang County

Water and soil to support one party people, Longjiang landscape brought up China's space walk astronauts Zhai Zhigang:


Let hope that our motherland - the country's prosperity, national rejuvenation! Wish Tianhe software in their careers!

Bo Tian Yu Zeng, Technical Director:

Successful launch of Shenzhou VII manned spacecraft, and I was very moved. This is the generation after generation of astronauts continued efforts to keep the spirit of inheriting and carrying forward the results of the space. And aerospace related companies in the information construction of cooperation, this constant self-transcendence, and constantly self-innovation of Jingshenyezai inspire a new generation of the Milky Way people, Xiang Xin Milky Way to Hang Tian Neng make greater contributions to Milky Way will Gengjia proud!


Milky Way's highest mission is to "Milky Way software, help national prosperity and rejuvenation," This is not rhetoric, Tianhe, every employee, every day in the heart, the effort to practice, and there are so true, always look Through unremitting efforts to achieve: whether it is the Three Gorges generators, Shenzhou, Shenzhou VI, has just successfully launched the Shenzhou VII spacecraft, Chang'e One, a remote launch vehicle, or 100 MW supercritical power plant boiler, 200KM , 300KM high-speed trains, which have a direct contribution to the Tianhe Software. Space is also the Milky Way entered the field earlier and has been one of the best in an industry

Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Games come to an end, the successful launch of Shenzhou VII to make the world's attention once again to invest in China: Since 1992, China launched its manned space program since the Shenzhou spacecraft is already the seventh expedition. 16 years, 7 launch, China's manned space industry firm and leisurely walk: From no one to three, from inside to outside to ... ... This is the Chinese people a new level of space is a new level of China's space industry, new level of the Chinese nation. The whole of China for its pride, Milky Way are more proud!

Attachment: Milky Way part of the company's client list with space-related

2 Taiyuan Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.

2 Harbin Boiler Factory Co., Ltd.

2 Nanyang Explosion-proof Motor Group

2 Shenyang TBEA

2 Beijing Satellite Manufacturing Factory

2 Capital Aerospace Machinery Company

2 Beijing Shenzhou Aerospace Software Technology Co., Ltd.

2 Research Institute of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation Fifth fifth 0 8 Institute

2 Aerospace Materials and Technology Research Institute (703)

2 Beijing Institute of Control Engineering

2 Fifth Research Institute of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation

2 Aerospace Dongfanghong Satellite Co., Ltd.

2 Institute of Aerospace Materials and Technology

2 Institute of Aerospace Science and Industry Group, the second factory 283

2 Xi'an Space Star Technology Industrial Group

2 assembly and Environmental Engineering Department

. . . . . .

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Wave Guoqiang zero household manages / centralized accounting Edition

Zero household manages / Centralized Accounting Edition is a combination of the wave of the country strong practical application of the basic units to public finance theory and the effectiveness of financial theory as a guide to improve financial management efficiency and harmonization of financial for the purpose of maintaining the right to use unit funds and accounting autonomy the right to change the subject, unit no bank accounts and accounting, financial unified management accountants, financial settlement and accounting work, financial accounting services, supervision and management as one of the launch of a new financial accounting management software. This version includes a total accounting process, support management, payroll management, fixed assets, financial analysis, financial budget, total budget, interest-bearing funds, report management and report summary, the General Accounting Query, WEB inquiry 12 modules to complete accounting information centralized accounting, asset management, bank reconciliation, financial accounting and accounting reconciliation for accounting, financial accounting and accounting business accounting automatic transfer of data, budget control, budget analysis, payroll, accounting reports, financial analysis, Project management of a dozen functions.

Zero household manages / centralized accounting version conform to the city, township finance the basic administrative, financial institutions centralized accounting management model to support the financial sector to subordinate the basic units of the financial system requirements and can focus on accounting, centralized processing of funds settlement, centralized management of accounting files, easy to carry out internal audits, control of various grass-roots financial balance, strengthen financial supervision. For the city, township finance to improve the level of financial management to provide a good management tool. In accordance with city and township financial management accounting system characteristics, highlighting functional completeness, reliability and ease of software, software integration, user interface, versatility, reliability, operability, etc. have unique characteristics. Can help city and township development as the economy continued to improve and standardize its business, accounting management, and promote their further economic development.

Zero household manages / centralized accounting of the basic content and method of operation

Zero household manages / centralized accounting of the basic content:

鈼?to funds control center, the unit of "zero" bank account management, that is, units without a bank account;
鈼?and decentralized financial, dismembered financial opposed to sound financial management functions, unity of finance as the basic ideas, the scattered, fragmented centralized government funds into the financial management;
鈼?to benefit the financial-oriented, and strive to accounting, management and supervision costs of the minimum, maximum efficacy;
鈼?to improve the management system, based on the financial sector to provide quality services to the financial and harmonious relationship between government departments, external conditions, to promote the career development goals;
鈼?to support accounting services into the community;
鈼?accounting management tools to modern backing;
鈼?to strengthen the focus on supervision of financial revenue and expenditure.

Zero household manages / centralized accounting methods of operation:

"Zero household manages / centralized accounting" methods of operation mode points can be summarized as "a cancellation, two direct, three focus on four established five organizational system." "1 Cancel", the cancellation of units in a bank account; "two direct", that income directly financial accounts, the financial expenditures from the fiscal accounts in the form of cash or direct debit payment unit; "three focus "Financial capital settlement in concentrated, centralized accounting, centralized accounting records;" 4 a "first, a" General Accounting ", the establishment of management and supervision centers; and second, a" fund accounting " the establishment of capital settlement centers; third, a "unified management accounting", the establishment of the accounting service center; Fourth, a "unit of the cashier," the establishment of financial-treasury. "Five establishment", the establishment of supporting the five management systems.


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