Wednesday, July 21, 2010

E world "means the consumer through a" good financial management easy

"E world platform" is "Chinese industrial clusters," in today's information age created specifically for businesses and consumers a platform. It is built between consumers and businesses a more convenient and efficient information access. So that they are no longer in the interests of the opposing ends, but in harmony with the platform.

Free to join business platform and won the "letter of trade through an integrated application management system." The system consists of online fingerprint payment system, promotion management systems, online ordering systems, billing systems and other components. Analysis of consumer behavior can help businesses to maintain customer loyalty; effectively locking customers, new customers doubled; optimization services, and enhance core competitiveness; but also enable businesses reduce operating costs, expansion of living space; platform for business gifts customer authentication system, allowing business is not a single business model, but equal participation in all walks of life. In order to achieve maximum business benefits.

For consumers, it is a good platform for free access. Application platform for financial management of consumption to the overall management of consumer spending plan, so that each of them a consumer can get the corresponding points of consumer stored value, stored-value points will continuously add value as platform, it can always exchange cash equivalents used system configuration fingerprint consumption patterns (consumption of a means through) so that consumers safe, convenient, fast and good taste to consume. Platform features the idea of "Lucky Day" (for the lucky day one day a month, spending a full refund) to attract consumers to actively participate.

"E world platform" to achieve the most advanced in human history, most scientific, most comprehensive solution to the supply and demand. Through social practice, resulting in extensive and positive social and economic effects, users and the community has been highly recognized.

And lead a group of sociologists, economists and state legal workers are highly valued. It represents the standard of the age of information platform, turned out to epoch-making significance.

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